Day 4: Find Joy During Snowpocalypse 2014

Hi all.  Day 4 just gave me a great opportunity for improvement.  Normally, I am on the fast track in every aspect of my life.  Despite being many parts Kirk, the tiny portion of Spock in me loves some logic to my schedule of activity.  I am always setting minimum goals, medium term goals, stretch goals, and b*tch you be crazy goals.  I usually stick the landing between the latter two goal types.  Enter Snowpocalypse 2014. 

My community is about to get pummeled with about nine inches of snow, high winds and frigid cold.  This comes after a terrible Ice War of the Worlds over the holidays.  My first inclination was to worry about the wellbeing of my family and others, but then I had a secondary thought.  It could only be a great winter blast that could slow me down, and I need to be slowed down this very moment.  I moved right through the holidays like Pac Man on speed, and now I found myself tired.

Even with this concept of slowing down, I still needed to prep for the storm with a grocery run.  Normally, I would have abandoned my children and husband and ran through our local grocery like I could jump through time and aisles simultaneously, but instead I chose to take my daughters. 

We strolled.  We browsed.  We laughed.  We bought water, wine and Twister.  We stopped to help a sweet little lady that dropped her 10 boxes of Ritz crackers instead of running past her like several other people.  We talked to people in line.  We took two slow hours making our way through the store, and it was good, really good for us.

Laugh Interlude:

We saw two Russians dressed in fur and elkskin from head to toe carrying three large bottles of vodka.  I kid you not.

And if/when this mighty storm hits, I am calling it the Snowllenium Falcon.  And, we are going to be locked up, playing games, drinking wine, reading, watching movies and having a slow and good time.   

Please note:  If any of you in my community lose power, get stuck, or need something, our hearth and home is open.  We usually still have power, but in case we lose it this time, we have lots to burn including the fire in our hearts.  Slow down with us.

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